San Antonio Car Wreck Lawyer

San Antonio Car Wreck Lawyer

🚨If an accident has impacted your life — and someone else is liable for that injury, Then you may be entitled to compensation. Call Today! — > 210-981-4225 for a San Antonio Car Wreck Lawyer

Motor vehicle accidents can happen for many different reasons, and there is often more than one factor contributing to a crash. Most car accidents are the result of reckless or negligent driving, like speeding or driving while intoxicated. Driving while distracted and disregarding traffic control devices and signals are other examples of negligence that could lead to car crashes. – San Antonio Car Wreck Lawyer –

Whatever the cause of an auto accident, it has most likely resulted in property damage and serious personal injuries. San Antonio Car Wreck Lawyer – If you are suffering after an accident that wasn’t your fault, you can qualify for a compensation claim against a person, business, municipality, or insurance company.

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If you have been injured in a car crash, seek legal representation from an experienced auto accident attorney in San Antonio. George Chumillo Law has years of experience fighting tirelessly for car accident victims. Some of our other practice areas include truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, workplace accidents, defective product claims, and premises liability cases.

During an initial consultation, a member of our team will review your case and answer your legal questions. George Chumillo Law Office San Antonio Car Wreck Lawyer will also go over all of your legal options and help you understand how I can recover compensation either through a settlement or a verdict at trial. To learn more about how I can help, please schedule a free consultation by calling (210)-981-4225

Auto accidents never seem to happen at a convenient time – they typically happen when you are running late to a meeting, with zero extra time.  Auto accidents are a pure inconvenience of life that many of us are forced to experience a few times during the course of our lives.

Simply put, insurance companies will do everything in their power to delay, deny, and reduce the value of your car accident injury claim. They are trained to make it difficult for car wreck victims like yourself to get the compensation they deserve; that’s how insurance companies make a profit. Don’t let them take advantage of you or string you along. Let us handle the insurance company and your claim from beginning to end while you focus on recovering.

After your first auto accident, you understand the routine paperwork of calling local police to file a report, exchanging insurance information, and making a claim. However, more severe accidents often involve dangerous injuries and weeks spent in the hospital recovering, which can have a tremendous impact on your daily life, career, and physical health.

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If you are not sure what your rights as a car accident victim are, call us for a free consultation at Call Today! — > (210)-981-4225. We’re happy to explain the legal options available to you for no charge. We can give you our overall assessment of your claim, and it will never cost you a penny.

Call Today! — > 210-981-4225
Call Today! — > 210-981-4225

Any potential personal injury case requires a detailed understanding of the facts, the processes, and the law. If an accident has impacted your life — and someone else is liable for that injury — then you may be entitled to compensation.


Along with the experienced leaders of the firm, our office is staffed with quality paralegals and case administrators including: Nene, Eli, Evan, Martha, and Beatriz.

We look forward to helping you at all steps of the way in your case. Please call us today for your free consultation.

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